Friday, November 27, 2009

Leftover Love

Still coping with a breakup less than two weeks old of a relationship almost two years old, I was not able to carry myself out of bed yesterday morning for Thanksgiving.

Rather, my family and loved ones did.

If it were not for their words of support and love, I physically could not have done it. I somehow managed to cook parmesan mashed potatoes and homemade cornbread and even found the strength to make the candied carrots he was supposed to make for the feast. Finishing the carrots felt like a kitchen accomplishment like no other I have ever had.

It is good to be here at home on a rainy, quiet day and finishing a lunch of Thanksgiving Dinner Pie. I concocted the idea in my head a few days ago of creating a pie that was a thick slice of Thanksgiving. I didn't want a gooey and runny consistency of a pot pie at all, nor did I want it to be chunky like one either. I wanted it as smooth as a cheesecake. The idea worked, and it is an absolutely delicious way to eat leftovers.

I took leftover mashed potatoes, turkey, and stuffing and gave them a few quick turns in a food processor. I did not add any liquids - that was key. I cut corn of a cob my sister grilled yesterday and lined the bottom of a store-bought pie crust with that. I then patted and mashed in the filling. I took leftover cornbread and crumbled it, then added some melted butter so the top of pie would be golden. I popped it in the oven at 350 degrees for about a half hour. I served it with cranberry sauce on the side, drizzled it with hot gravy, and had a small glass of a 2007 Bloom riesling.

This could have many variations, such as using green beans to layer the bottom and instead of corn bread on top, using caramelized onions. I think you could used mashed sweet potato as a substitute so long as its more savory than sweet (i.e. no marshmallows in the mix). I would love to hear how other people would do this.

Thanksgiving Dinner Pie is definitely great comfort food, and I am thankful for the comfort I received this Thanksgiving from my loved ones on a difficult day that I am thankful I made it through.

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Foodycat said...

The pie sounds good! Glad you had Thanksgiving with people who love you.